Riding the wave

Navigating the Waves of Virality: Sailing Towards Sustained Growth

Domino’s “American Pie Double Cheeseburst” viral sensation on TikTok isn’t just a flash in the pan. Their strategic prowess turned a viral moment into a symphony of sustained growth. They harmonized media PR, wove an ongoing engagement tapestry with video mashups, and orchestrated intelligent promotions. Collaborating with influencers and igniting a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect solidified their triumph. Unveiling hidden deals added intrigue. The result? Domino’s celebrated their most successful quarter ever, proving that virality is just the beginning of a symphony of sustained success.

true leadership

The Art of True Leadership: Beyond Domain Knowledge

leadership is an artistry—a masterpiece painted by all who dare to wield the brush. The canvas isn’t defined by domain expertise or confined by functional knowledge. It’s an open landscape where leadership blooms when nurtured by practice, all-round performance, and the courage to unlearn.

mayank leadership

Crafting Leaders for Tomorrow: A Tale of True Leadership

True leadership illuminates potential, granting wings for team members to soar beyond expectations. A genuine leader remains impartial, leading with an open mind and a willingness to experiment. Business leaders, let’s redefine our role. It’s about cultivating leaders from various walks, empowering beyond spreadsheets and statistics.

Domino's X Tiktok viral video

Viral Video on TikTok has taken the internet by storm

With its delicious blend of cheese and toppings, the pizza has become a sensation on Tiktok. A video that triggered the viral nature, featuring the product, crossed over 10+ million views. The video has been adopted by over 2700 other Tiktok content creators who have used the same theme. Each video organically has views ranging from 5 million, 1 million, 500K, 100K, 10K etc., which made the total cumulative views count to more than 100 Million estimated.

digital experience

How would you define digital experience?

digital experience is a critical component of modern business, and understanding its defining characteristics is key to providing a successful user experience. By keeping the “LESS” acronym in mind, businesses can create digital assets that are live, efficient, simple, and a solution to a problem, while also keeping in mind that perfection is unattainable, and there is always room for improvement.

Smiling at Turbulent Times

Marketing In Turbulent Times: Key is Compassion, Kindness, Flexibility & Innovation all Together.

Turbulence can’t be defined any better than what we experienced over the past many months. Corona times and the upheaval in the entire business and social scenario helped us reinvent several things and stretch our limits of creativity, kindness, and resilience. Ensuring business continuity in a crisis demands an entirely different route to everything including …

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