Business idea to empower farmers: Krishi Haat

Krishi Haat comprises of an online and offline (Krishi Haat shop) trading of agricultural produce and imbibing the procedural knowledge and technology with facility of economical purchasing of the input ingredients.  Krishi Haat essentially aims at using IT for rural benefit and rural development. It will be empowering Indian farmers to improve their present condition.


  •  The Krishi Haat will provide the Indian farmers hassle free trading after they get registered.
  • It would be a place for bulk buyers to bid and the farmers to offer their produce.
  • On line direct purchasing facility of fertilizers, HYV seeds, tractors and other agricultural tools available.
  • Emphasis would be to provide all knowledge of whether, agricultural crops and market along with new technologies.
  • Micro finance to the famers for their immediate needs.
  • Assistance for easy loan from financial institutes.
Business / idea / company

Krishi Haat to consists of web portal and shops. The portal will act as a marketer for farmers after they get registered with the Krishi Haat. The status of the crops/ produce will be displayed virtually. The interested buyers can bid for the crops after it is offered for sale, which can be either a harvested crop or freshly sowed field. The sale would go to the highest bidder.  Krishi Haat will help the farmers for lacing their farm virtually. Krishi Haat will also tie-up with the banks and Govt. institutions to provide financial assistance to the farmers.

Krishi Haat will be simply a inter mediatory service provider to the farmers and get revenue from the bulk buyers and other related agro-based industries. Krishi Haat will make get revenue from the following:

  • Commission from buyers when they purchase agricultural produce through the online portal.
  • Commissions from agro-based companies who will be offer their product for sale on our website.
  • Commission from banks which will be providing loan with help of our Krishi Haat shops.
  • Revenue from companies that will display their advertisements on our website and the companies sponsoring Krishi Haat Shops.


The portal can be developed on Open source. The portal will have 4 types of account administrator, farmer, producer and buyer. Administrator will have full control over the portal and will be used only for maintenance purpose. The Producer account will be for displaying of item to be sold.

Marketing, sales and customers

Potential customers:  Krishi Haat aims to cover the entire country.  But initially we will begin with Uttrakhand. Since it has a variety of the agricultural products and that too in huge quantity, therefore it will be able to attract bulk buyers easily. Agro Industry (Bio fertilizers, pesticides, machineries, etc.) who are in search of customers will also be our customer.

Sales Strategy: At first, the farmers will be made aware of the portal, the benefits that they can have from it and how it can ease their life relieving them from uncertainties and worries. Then, small Krishi Haat Shops would be setup in villages where the farmers can register themselves under the guidance of the assistants present in the Shop. They’ll help them in operating the computers, assisting them with registration and informing them about the facilities that they can avail through Krishi Haat. The wholesalers could be made aware by advertising on Agricultural channels, Radio, Newspapers, Agricultural Portals, and Trade Shows. Search engine optimization will be done for the good ranking of website at search engines.

Market Analysis: Krishi Haat will be focusing on Indian market for its operations. But, in the beginning due to limited finance it will start its workings from Uttaranchal. It will also provide online exports of agro products which are allowed by Govt. of India to Export in foreign markets. Agriculture market is the biggest market in India (Market size € 26 bn).The addressable market, eventually, will become very huge as it will cover not only India, but also countries abroad.


Competitors: Krishi Haat’s main competitors will be the intermediaries who operate in sale and purchase of agricultural produce. But the availability of the agricultural produce online to all the buyers will be a competitive advantage over middle men.


Competitive advantages and disadvantages: Farmers from any part of India can offer their produce for sale, other related agricultural businesses can offer their products for sale and the buyers can buy the best deal. The variety of products at best price will give Krishi Haat competitive advantage.  Farmers will have one stop solution for all of their agricultural problems starting from finance to marketing of what they produce.

However, initially, hesitation of farmers, lack of awareness and lack of trust will be barriers in the working.

Applicability of the business idea–(advantages, novelty, improve the societal lifestyle)

Uniqueness and innovativeness of product/service: The use of IT will give an edge to Krishi Haat over others. In this way, farmers from all over the country can offer their produce for sale and buyers can have an easy access to all available produce. Moreover, other Agro-based companies can offer their products for sale to farmers. All of these services are available just a click away. Krishi Haat will connect the farmers from all over India.


Problem being solved:  India is an agrarian economy. Yet the condition of Indian farmers is not pleasant. Every now and then the pitiable condition of farmers comes into picture. The major problems of farmers like lack of finance, inability of sale of their produce, destruction of crops, etc make them very insecure. Krishi Haat aims at improving the present condition of farmers by taking away all their worries and helping them to concentrate only on cultivation.


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