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Intrapreneur | Business Head | Digital Business Leader | Digital Transformation | Generalist | Maverick

Mayank SinghMayank Singh (Original Name: Mayank Singh Rajkumar), descendent of Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj Chauhan was an Indian king from the Chahamana (Chauhan) dynasty. After defeating and killing Prithviraja Ill, the Ghurid invaders appointed Govindaraja IV as a vassal ruler of the Chahamana kingdom. Till beginning of 14th century the Chauhans held Ranthambhore and the region of Malwa, Maharaj Hammir Dev Chauhan (also Known as Hammiradeva) lost the state to Alauddin Khilji in 1301 during his campaign. Hamirdev’s son Ramdev Chauhan left the fort before it fell and goes on exile towards Awadh region.

Later Ramdev’s son,Takshah Singh is given the title of “Rajkunwar” by his father. Raj is the family title of the imperial Chauhans and was used in their name and Kunwar stands for the person who will carry the legacy of the imperial Chauhans i.e. a son, so rajkunwar stands for the person who will carry the legacy of the royal Chauhan blood or their direct descendent. He moves to the bank of river Gomti in present Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. This was the formation of Bhaddaiyan Raj, later Rajkunwar were also started to referred as Rajkumar, Gotra Vatsa.

Mayank Singh born at Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 5th August 1983. Parents Shri Ravindra Singh & Smt. Kiran Singh named “Mayank” means moon not realising that first person to land on moon Neil Armstrong was also born on same date i.e. 5th August 1930.



Mayank Singh is passionate about Digital Businesses, acts as a Digital Transformation leader and practice Intrapreneurship. He is adept at handling challenging situations at any stage starting from conceptualisation to enhancing, optimizing, innovating and strategizing for business growth.


Building Business: Built GORB, an Essel Group Food-tech venture as a Business Head. My team and I established GORB as one of India’s fastest growing food technology companies with key highlights as 1Million App Downloads | 5Lakh+ Transacting Customers | 400 Restaurateurs | 500 Delivery Experts | Complete Mumbai Operation | Within 6 Months.

Growing Business: Headed the Digital Commerce Ecosystem at Domino’s Pizza India as a Chairperson of the Committee called OLO Team. I managed this Cross Functional Team comprises of Tech, Marketing, Operations, Customer service, Finance and Sales. My team and I saw through the Domino’s Digital business growing from 15cr revenue to 400cr in 4 years.

Futuristic: Initiated Natural Language Processing & Artificial intelligence based Automated Voice ordering system over phone call with trials in select restaurants of Domino’s Pizza India. Seamless, Secured and Simple API ready system to integrate with Restaurant aggregators before they had their 1st pitch to Domino’s.

Business Development & Alliances: 500 Restaurant outlets tie-ups for Gorb restaurant expansion in 2 Months. IRCTC & Domino’s Pizza partnership and later integration in Just 2 days.

Technologist: Nominated as Amazon cloud Warrior by AWS for implementation of Hybrid Cloud infrastructure in multiple geographies with actively used DR at optimized cost. Worked on multiple open source tech like Php, Java, nosql, etc.

Analytical: Certified as Six Sigma Green Belt for a project that improved Domino’s platform conversion rate from 19% to 27% and added 20 Cr to the EBITA.

Digital: Among few lucky ones to See & Contribute in India’s Internet Growth story with experience in 3Cs of Internete. Content(Web, App, Tablet & Smart TV apps for NDTV Profit, Sports, Cricket App, Cooks, Khabar, Tech,, GoodTimes and more), Community( & a Professional Networking sites & a Social Bookmarking site) & Commerce(Web, App, Tablet & Kiosk for &

Orator: Speaker at eTailing & Travel Conference IAMAI 2015, Digital Commerce Conference IAMAI 2014, Delhi’s 2nd Facebook Garage 2009 and Represented Domino’s India at Domino’s International CIO & CMO meet 2013.

People Person: Believes in building culture in form a religion that binds everyone. Read my article on Organisation religion

Top 5 Strengths (As per Gallup strength finder Psychometric test): 1. Activator, 2. Positivity, 3. Arranger, 4.Individualization, 5 Context. (My Belief: Speed is my biggest strength)

Specialties: Leadership, Setting up Business, People Management, eCommerce, mCommerce, Internet, Social, Internet Publishing, Generalist, Product Management, Strategic Tie-Ups, Process Creation, Operation, Program Management, CRM, Digital Marketing, Customer servicing

Excellent Communication and Presentation skills with abilities in mentoring and motivating teams to achieve organisational goals.

Entrepreneurial skills like optimistic attitude, firm decision making, willingness to take risks, highly motivated, goal oriented and keen analyst with demonstrated professionalism and leadership abilities. 




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