Understanding content sharing objectives: Social Media

Objective and Goals with Social Media:

  • Communicating an Idea, thought or message
  • Mass Reach
  • Collecting relevant information, feedback and reviews
  • Creating a buzz around an activity
  • Development as a trusted source of first hand information
  • Transparency and quality news item
  • Creating an engagement platform for audience
  • Option to share news stories, items, videos and pictures with friends
  • Gather user generated content around specific events

Important is reaching the Audience

But question is where is the audience? Answer:

  • Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.
  • Professional Networks like LinkedIn
  • Video and image sharing sites like YouTube, Flickrand Metacafe
  • Blogs, wiki and Discussion Forums
  • Website and micro sites
  • News sharing sites like Digg, Reddit, Newswine, StumbleUponetc.

For example Facebook: (Also read: Why using Facebook makes sense for your online presence)

  • A simple Facebook Icon alerts visitors to our website of our presence on Facebook.
  • Custom Landing Tabs –a splash page for a Facebook Page that directs traffic back to our website or specific link.
  • Blogs –great way to promote website on a Facebook page & cross promote our latest news, specials, or information.
  • Social Plugins –“Like” button, Facebook Comments or News Feed (this is a bit technical but can be done!)
  • Applications –Pools and discussion boards can be made visibly to larger section of audience
  • Custom Tabs –Custom tabs helps people learn about an Initiative, campaign or enter into a contest

For example Twitter:

  • Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds & will continue to grow with the new integration of all Apple devices
  • Great for direct website traffic, interacting with a niche industryor community.
  • More targeted audiences & analytics of click through rates and targets on links
  • Great way to build yourself as a resource in an industry & you can be found internationally.
  • Best medium to get latest updated to User Generated Content
  • Medium for Engagement with the like minded people


Very Important to monitor your Social Media Traffic and there are various tools available:

Hootsuite: A Time management tool for scheduling tweets, cross promote from one platform, & more. Provides Twitter short link analytics on how many times people click on our tweets links, photos or videos.

Facebook Insights: Provides Facebook analytic such as  ‘Like’ demographics, Top Cities/Countries/Languages, Impressions & Interaction insights etc.

Google Analytics: Google tool for analyzing online traffic like

  • Where are from site visitors hearing about our website?
  • Location/Device/Browser Insight,
  • Keyword & Search Engine analytics
  • Entry & Exit pages
  • Monitor your social media traffic


Few social interactive with example:

  • Search content: Toolbars, search box
  • Show content: Recent tweets, likesand comments
  • Share content: Like, recommend, retweet and share button
  • Interact: FB Live Stream, Hashtag(Tweet Chat), Comments
  • Login/Authenticate: FB connect, Twitter OAuth


Widgets and Toolbars for Website

Twitter widgets: How Twitter can be leveraged for Website?

  • Twitter Widgets for # tag tweet search can be added on website.
  • Different widgets for different pages
  • Audience can directly follow the twitter community from the website
  • One stop shop for engagement around particular keyword
  • Favouritetweets also gain more audience interactions
  • Retweet/’tweet this ‘button can be added to news items or videos and Images

Facebook widgets: Importance of Facebook badges for Website

  • Provides virility to the content
  • Pull rather than push medium
  • Allow users to enter into the conversation directly from the website
  • When users like an application, he invites his friend and his friends invites in turn
  • Fresh information is shared on the wall, encouraging users to participate on page
  • Helps in promoting campaign, events and specific shows

Toolbars: Importance and options in a Toolbar

  • It can be a free toolbar or we can get in customized according to preference
  • User/Audience can directly search for news based on his area of interest
  • Allow user to do customized search on the website based on keyword or phrase
  • Multiple buttons to share the news content with his community members
  • Provide an option to like the Fbpage, Tweet or Share the content on Web
  • Visitors can see the number of people liked particular item on website itself
  • Facebook, YouTube, Search box, FbChat, Twitter, AOL buttons can be added


Other Social Media Networks


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