How do you measure Retention of users in a Game Farmville: Zynga Assignment

How do you measure retention of users in a game like Farmville? Justify.

Just adding a game to your page does not make you active user. Instead user needs to come and play around with the application. Taking an example of Farmville here:
  • Farmville requires various engagement activities from users like adding/visiting neighbors, decorating, collecting etc. But out of all most important is harvesting (Game revolves around). Harvesting a crop is more important then Planting, therefore how many users are Harvesting becomes important parameter.
  • We also can’t ignore the crops which were Planted by the user as a parameter.

The ratio of Harvesting and Planting defines completion of user’s farming activity i.e. if all the planted crops are harvested results in 100% farming.

Retention of a user can be measured as ratio of Daily active users and Average monthly active users i.e. if 100 users are active today and average monthly active user is also 100 the retention is 100%, this means average user come for all 30 days to game.

Considering the scenario of Farmville:

  • User is active when he performs complete farming actively i.e. planting and harvesting regularly.
  • Daily active users would be users harvesting.
  • Average Month Active users would be users Planting.
  • The ratio of above will define retention of Farmville users i.e. if 100 users performed harvesting today and 100 average monthly users performed planting then retention of users would be 100%.

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