Now, anyone can Hack EPFO subscribers’ data

Recently, we had heard that EPFO hack and subscribers data got leaked. Everyone must have thought they would mend what was broken. Today, I strangely found that now everyone has option to access someone else data under their own login from the EPFO web portal.

How? Just login into your EPFO web portal account and click on online claim again and again to access the data of another users. Data such has mobile number, fathers name, Aadhaar, etc. is easily visible.

Here are few examples:



Data hack is not the only problem with EPFO web portal

It’s not just me but I guess everyone else too would have been frustrated using EPFO web portal for numerous reasons. I had this two UANs that I wanted to merge and now I just don’t know that it has happened or not. Moreover, it doesn’t allow me to merge now and neither I am able to see my past contributions in the passbook. I am afraid is money also lost? Are there more people like me who are facing same issue.

The worst part is that there is no clear way to contact EPFO team, I have left a message for them on twitter before posting this blog. I hope they are active enough to act.