How the TIK TOK Ban enable for Seizing the Opportunities to Thrive?

Several Indian Tik Tok stars are still recovering from the jolt and have been on a lookout for newer alternatives to restore their earnings and followership after the ban was announced.

Amid that, we have had experts such as Infosys Co-Founder, Nandan Nilekani, expressing their doubts over the successful replacement of the Chinese Game-Changer Tik Tok by India-Made apps such as Share chat, Chingari, Lokal and others in the making. 

We’re in a state of transition and would likely remain so for the next couple of months – slowly witnessing the race towards becoming the top “India-made Tik Tok” a lot fiercer. However, this entire chapter has a lot more for each of us, as businesses and individuals to think, introspect, and learn about. What exactly? 

Opportunities Knock Everyone, Only A Few Capitalize 

The decision on banning Tik Tok and 58 other Chinese apps came overnight. Before that, for months together, there must have been the likes of Tik Tok shaping up in smaller pockets of India and even other countries – with or without the hopes of competing directly with the $75 billion company. The day it was banned, the decision opened up unexpected avenues for these aspirants to capitalize on it. 

More so, the opportunities to capitalize on the move aren’t just confined to the smaller players. We have been the witnesses to some stellar strategies adopted by Fintech startup-turned-enterprise Paytm in the recent past. They encashed the demonetization decision by the Indian Government better than their competitors. From jumping into the field the next morning to ensure the onboarding of every small or big merchant on their platform to leveraging PR techniques such as publishing a full-page ad showing gratefulness to the Government’s decision, Paytm seized the opportunity with agility. 

The current situation is an opportunity for several app builders and entrepreneurs who would have been working in the direction. Your mindset of growth, your agility to respond to opportunities, and your preparedness to act the day the doors open, help you differentiate and redefine your success. 

This is the right time, right place, and with right credentials one’s ability to strike a deal is called opportunity or sometimes the fortune to the world outside. For instance, the Indian app Chingari gained 2.5 million downloads in just 10 days. The founders are now busy leveling up the opportunity to keep the users engaged (recently in news Chingari Bets On Cloning TikTok And India’s Nationalist Sentiment To Drive Its Growth).

There are bigger players such as Facebook-owned Instagram running up to the hot-seat now, as well, to beat other contenders at their game. It will be their marketing strategies, out-of-the-box approach, and long-earned expertise that will determine who reaches the finishing line first.

With high hopes from Indian startup ecosystem including the likes of Sharechat, Lokal, inshorts, etc. lets see who makes out to be an opportunity and later be called as “lucky”. Paytm already set to launch WeChat-like platform for businesses.

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