Domino's X Tiktok viral video

Viral Video on TikTok has taken the internet by storm

In Indonesia, social media has been the driving force behind the success of many products and brands. Domino’s Pizza Indonesia’s American Pie Cheese Supreme” pizza is the latest viral sensation.

With its delicious blend of cheese and toppings, the pizza has become a sensation on Tiktok. A video that triggered the viral nature, featuring the product, crossed over 10+ million views. The video has been adopted by over 2700 other Tiktok content creators who have used the same theme. Each video organically has views ranging from 5 million, 1 million, 500K, 100K, 10K etc., which made the total cumulative views count to more than 100 Million estimated.

Viral Video

What has made the video so popular is how it showcases the pizza, with customers reaching out to stores and showing the video to ask for it. This has resulted in a sudden increase in app downloads and high demand for the product, with Domino’s Pizza Indonesia experiencing a surge in new customer additions to the brand.

Adding to the appeal of the viral video is the background song, a classic Indonesian tune called “Rindu Muhammadku – Haddad Alwi & Vita“. The music has been cleverly altered and used in the video to express customers’ love for Domino’s Pizza Indonesia and its delicious products. The lyrics are tweaked and tweeted to talk about the love for Domino’s Pizza, which has helped to create an emotional connection between the brand and its customers.

This is not the first time Domino’s Pizza Indonesia has had a viral social media video making a sensation, driving sales, increasing app downloads and creating a buzz around its products. When the Indonesian government raised fuel prices in September last year, a viral video promoting Domino’s Indonesia’s “Pizza Mania” became a sensation. The video played on the idea of “Pizza cheaper than petrol”, promoting Domino’s Indonesia’s pizza as the best taste, price, and value pizza in Indonesia.


Membalas @frutarianlovers Cuma 7 rebuuu bisa makan pizza enak!! gas buruan ke domino pizza!! #makanlur #dominospizza

? suara asli – makan lurd akun baru – Tutorial Makan | A’ Juju
Pizza Cheaper than Petrol

The viral success of “American Pie Cheese Supreme” is yet another example of how social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube etc., have power and are powerful marketing tools for brands in Indonesia. Social Media platforms like Tiktok, combined with a clever marketing campaign, topical and tactical approach and emotional connection to the brand, can help drive sales and create a buzz around the product and services.

In conclusion, the success of “American Pie Cheese Supreme” from Domino’s Pizza Indonesia is a testament to the power of social media. The user video on Tiktok, the classic Indonesian song “Rindu Muhammadku”, has helped create a viral sensation that has captured the hearts and minds of Indonesians. The influencers on platforms like Tiktok are not based on the follower but bases the content. If you plan to do influencer marketing campaigns for the brand on Tiktok, don’t see the number of followers but notice how many times has he/she been able to drive engagement and how engaging their content creation techniques are. I recommend you make a script for them and let them simultaneously perform to their best hand; do have your quality checks in place. It remains to be seen what other marketing surprises brand in Indonesia has for their customers in the future.

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