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Mayank Singh (Original Name: Mayank Singh Rajkumar), descendent of Prithviraj Chauhan. Prithviraj Chauhan was an Indian king from the Chahamana (Chauhan) dynasty. After defeating and killing Prithviraja Ill, the Ghurid invaders appointed Govindaraja IV as a vassal ruler of the Chahamana kingdom. Till beginning of 14th century the Chauhans held Ranthambhore and the region of Malwa, Maharaj Hammir Dev Chauhan (also Known as Hammiradeva) lost the state to Alauddin Khilji in 1301 during his campaign. Hamirdev’s son Ramdev Chauhan left the fort before it fell and goes on exile towards Awadh region.

Later Ramdev’s son,Takshah Singh is given the title of “Rajkunwar” by his father. Raj is the family title of the imperial Chauhans and was used in their name and Kunwar stands for the person who will carry the legacy of the imperial Chauhans i.e. a son, so rajkunwar stands for the person who will carry the legacy of the royal Chauhan blood or their direct descendent. He moves to the bank of river Gomti in present Sultanpur district in Uttar Pradesh. This was the formation of Bhaddaiyan Raj, later Rajkunwar were also started to referred as Rajkumar, Gotra Vatsa.

Mayank Singh born at Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 5th August. Parents Shri Ravindra Singh & Smt. Kiran Singh named “Mayank” means moon not realising that first person to land on moon Neil Armstrong was also born on same date i.e. 5th August 1930.



Visionary. Highly-Strategic. Results-Driven. These are just a few of the adjectives used to describe my 15-year career in leading, managing, and scaling businesses in Food Retail, Media, Entertainment, e-Commerce and Startups. As a passionate and entrepreneurial business leader, I leverage my expertise in in-depth marketing, product development & business building to facilitate all 3Cs of digital domain (Content, Community & Commerce) with P&L responsibility for fast paced startup. Some of my distinguished achievements include scaling up business and operations, building next-generation products, and delivering data analytics and strategic partnerships. Having a love for technology and a passion for entrepreneurship, I’ve led innovative and strategic projects/products ahead of the curve.

I presently serve as Chief Digital Officer & Vice President at Domino’s Pizza Indonesia. Over the last three years, I have created and executed strategies to support the growth of company.

From 2017 to 2018, I functioned as Chief Marketing & Product Officer for Sminq. There, I oversaw Marketing, Product Development and UX experience for an app to help customers with queues and waiting time at Doctor’s clinic. Prior to this, I was Business Head at Zee Entertainment Enterprises LTD with the primary task of building and scaling GORB, an Essel Group Food-tech venture. I also previously worked as a DGM – Head Digital Commerce Ecosystem for Jubilant FoodWorks LTD from 2012 to 2016.

A few of my proudest accomplishments:
? Built India’s first D2C Hyper local on-demand Food delivery Digital Commerce Platform and made it into biggest Food Tech platform i.e. Domino’s India Digital commerce ecosystem.
? I am an “M5 Investor”: An investment in form of Mentoring, Motivating, Mediating, Measuring, Mastery and Management. Have lead team size of 400+ reports and has been a chairperson as well for cross-functional teams.
? As a thought leader and advisory board member, I have spoken at multiple conferences organised globally on topics such as eCommerce, Omni-Channel Retail, Future of Digital, Voice Bots, Content Marketing, Location Intelligence, Marketing, Retail Tech & Innovation, Leadership, etc.
? Received the coveted 2022 Geospatial 50 Rising Stars Under 40 Award and Top 10 Impactful CDIOs 2022 by Analytics Insights Magazine.

In addition to my professional achievements, I possess exemplary educational qualifications, including professional certification program in Strategy management from Wharton and IIM Calcutta and MBA in Entrepreneurship & Leadership.

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