Sources of Business Opportunities

Presentation on Sources of Business Opportunities by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi

Analysis of Existing Entrepreneurs
Enhancement, Extensions and Specializations
Examples of Enhancement
Examples of Extensions
Examples of Specialization
Possible Service Opportunities
Critical Factors

Identification of Idea and Approach

Presentation on Identification of Idea and Approach by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi

Role of Ideas in the New Context
Invention and Innovation
Ideation Process
Sources of Innovative Ideas
The Marketing Angle
Approach: Pursuit of Innovation
Various Business Models
Legal Issues and IP Protection


Presentation on ENTREPRENEURSHIP by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi, Head-Direct Marketing, HCL Technologies. What is Entrepreneurship? Who are Entrepreneurs? Traits of Entrepreneurs The Creative Process The difference between invention and innovation Elements in the Innovation Process Enterpreneurship View more presentations from Mayank Singh

Business Plan Formulation and venture capitalist

A presentation on Business Plan Formulation, by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi, Head-Direct Marketing, HCL Technologies

Outline of the Presentation

Business Plan basics: What? For whom?
Fund raising process
Venture Capital firms
Structure of a business plan
Details of the individual sections
Final checklist

Total quality parameters – new ventures

Total quality parameters – new ventures – Presentation   Total quality parameters – new ventures View more presentations from Mayank Singh Hidden costs Hidden Costs Excessive use of material High inventory Inadequate resource utilization Cost of redesign and re-inspection Cost of resolving customer problems Lost customers / Goodwill Conversion efficiency […]

Performance Management System

A process that significantly affects organizational success by having managers and employees work together to set expectations, review results, and reward performance.’

‘A means whereby employees’ work behaviours are aligned with the organization’s goals.’

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