New Normal in Retail, How?

“New Normal” in Retail Industry: How Does it Look Like?

Disruptions aren’t an unknown thing to us. Even in the pre-COVID market, we were sailing on different sides of disruptions – either leading them or preparing to survive them. In that sense, COVID has been nothing different from being one “giant” disruption. It has jolted the industry beyond our capacities hence, pumped up the intensity of the VUCA world where we have Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

Creativity & Innovation

Presentation on Creativity & Innovation by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi


Innovation Journey
How does the dictionary define Innovation?
What is difference between creativity and innovation?
Where and when is innovation needed?
Example from Apple, Google, Star bucks
How can people Engineer Innovation?
Essential Innovation Ingredients,
4Ps to decorate to Innovate
How can people be “Continuously Innovative”?
The world’s 25 Most Innovative Companies

Identification of Idea and Approach

Presentation on Identification of Idea and Approach by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi

Role of Ideas in the New Context
Invention and Innovation
Ideation Process
Sources of Innovative Ideas
The Marketing Angle
Approach: Pursuit of Innovation
Various Business Models
Legal Issues and IP Protection


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