Domino's X Tiktok viral video

Viral Video on TikTok has taken the internet by storm

With its delicious blend of cheese and toppings, the pizza has become a sensation on Tiktok. A video that triggered the viral nature, featuring the product, crossed over 10+ million views. The video has been adopted by over 2700 other Tiktok content creators who have used the same theme. Each video organically has views ranging from 5 million, 1 million, 500K, 100K, 10K etc., which made the total cumulative views count to more than 100 Million estimated.

Creating New Venture: The Marketing Plan

Customers – who, where located, how much buy, from whom and why Promotion strategies and their effectiveness Pricing Strategies Market attitude towards competitive products Distribution Channels Competitors – who, where located, strengths / weaknesses vis-à-vis ours Production Capabilities