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Total quality parameters – new ventures

Total quality parameters – new ventures – Presentation   Total quality parameters – new ventures View more presentations from Mayank Singh Hidden costs Hidden Costs Excessive use of material High inventory Inadequate resource utilization Cost of redesign and re-inspection Cost of resolving customer problems Lost customers / Goodwill Conversion efficiency of materials BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGY Identification …

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Creation New Venture: Organizational plan

Precursor to Business Plan submission and inviting venture capital Imperatives include – Ownership Liability of Owners Cost of Starting Business Continuity of Business Transferability of Interest Capital Requirements Management Control Profit and Loss Distribution Attractiveness of Raising Capital

Creating New Venture: The Marketing Plan

Customers – who, where located, how much buy, from whom and why Promotion strategies and their effectiveness Pricing Strategies Market attitude towards competitive products Distribution Channels Competitors – who, where located, strengths / weaknesses vis-à-vis ours Production Capabilities