Riding the wave

Navigating the Waves of Virality: Sailing Towards Sustained Growth

Domino’s “American Pie Double Cheeseburst” viral sensation on TikTok isn’t just a flash in the pan. Their strategic prowess turned a viral moment into a symphony of sustained growth. They harmonized media PR, wove an ongoing engagement tapestry with video mashups, and orchestrated intelligent promotions. Collaborating with influencers and igniting a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) effect solidified their triumph. Unveiling hidden deals added intrigue. The result? Domino’s celebrated their most successful quarter ever, proving that virality is just the beginning of a symphony of sustained success.

New Normal in Retail, How?

“New Normal” in Retail Industry: How Does it Look Like?

Disruptions aren’t an unknown thing to us. Even in the pre-COVID market, we were sailing on different sides of disruptions – either leading them or preparing to survive them. In that sense, COVID has been nothing different from being one “giant” disruption. It has jolted the industry beyond our capacities hence, pumped up the intensity of the VUCA world where we have Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

My idea “Online Kirana Store” popped in his mind:

Being a regular reader of iamwire I read an article on Mr. Vijay Singh, CEO from and came to know about his website called Aramshop is a website that operates in National Capital Region of India and offers FMCG and CPG goods. AaramShop is a platform for independent neighbourhood retailers (Kirana stores), where these unorganized retailers can connect with their local consumers and sell out products to their brand desire.