“New Normal” in Retail Industry: How Does it Look Like?

Disruptions aren’t an unknown thing to us. Even in the pre-COVID market, we were sailing on different sides of disruptions – either leading them or preparing to survive them. In that sense, COVID has been nothing different from being one “giant” disruption. It has jolted the industry beyond our capacities hence, pumped up the intensity of the VUCA world where we have Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.

Mumbai – Pune – Mumbai every day: Now made possible #bepositive

On being asked how I manage Mumbai – Pune – Mumbai every day, my response in form of a Poem.


Organisation Religion: Why Today’s Leadership Needs An Element Of Religious Zeal?

Instrument Religion was successful for ancient rulers and today’s leaders. Religion today exist in form of #Nationalism #AntiCorruption #Secularism #Veganism. My attempt in same direction………

Food Online Ordering India

(2015)Today Food Online Ordering mix in India stands as follows

Now, anyone can Hack EPFO subscribers’ data

Recently, we had heard that EPFO subscribers data got leaked. Everyone must have thought they would mend what was broken. Today, I strangely found that now everyone has option to access someone else data under their own login from the EPFO web portal.

Omni Channel retail: eTailing & Travel Commerce Conference IAMAI 2015

The modern consumer is Channel-Agnostic: Between Online and Offline channel experiences, it is the seamless experience customers really want. Being OMNI focused! – What are the dynamics of running the online and offline model simultaneously? What are the challenges and synergies? – What is the best way for an offline […]

Omni Channel retail: eTailing & Travel Commerce Conference 2015

eCommerce 2.0 — Specialised categories driving eCommerce – IAMAI 2014

New Media Vehicle: New Delhi Facebook Garage-II