Making CityVille more aspirational and engaging as users move up the levels: Zynga Assignment

A lot of games lack aspiration as users move up the levels. How would you evolve/ change the present elder game for making it more aspirational and engaging in a game like CityVille/ FishVille?   As we move the levels games go slow(Gaining of exp. takes a lots of time) and becomes boring (Doing the same thing again and again). The gamers lose aspiration because even after reaching higher level the player doesn’t get enough Continue Reading

How do you measure Retention of users in a Game Farmville: Zynga Assignment

How do you measure retention of users in a game like Farmville? Justify. Just adding a game to your page does not make you active user. Instead user needs to come and play around with the application. Taking an example of Farmville here: Farmville requires various engagement activities from users like adding/visiting neighbors, decorating, collecting etc. But out of all most important is harvesting (Game revolves around). Harvesting a crop is more important then Planting, therefore Continue Reading

How would you come up with an optimal crop harvest time for a new crop in FarmVille: Zynga Assignment

How would you come up with an optimal crop harvest time for a new crop in FarmVille? What will your decision be based on? How would you test it and verify the results? And what would be the roll out plan for this crop? In harvesting of Crop number of parameters that are involved are: Seed Cost (Can be dependent on user level to control his buying power) Selling Cost Experience Gained Profit earned = Continue Reading

How would you increase the monetization of CityVille: Zynga Assignment

How would you increase the monetization of Zynga CityVille (over and above the current features) by 10-15%? Detail out 3 possible ideas. I think monetization completely depends on engagement and user acceptance to a feature. I believe future of monetization is advertising because Social Games have huge user bases so brands need to be there. Customized and controlled Brand Experience Cost Per Engagement and in-Game branding I can not think of a better place to advertise or Continue Reading

THE INDIAN AIRLINES : Human Resource Management (Assignment)

Indian airlines is presently partly owned by the government of India and partly privatized, having a total staff strength of around 22,000 employs. Its annual turnover together with that of its subsidiary Alliance Air, is over
Rs. 4,000 crores (around US$ 1 billion). Continue Reading