Five Quick Strategies to increase sales and brand name

Strategies to increase sales Viral Marketing : A phenomenon that facilitates or encourages people to pass along or spread message with respect to product. Biggest example of this can be Social Games on Facebook like Farmville, Cityville etc. Building interactive application on social networking platforms. Making communities or groups of our product. Building an Ecosystem: A network of organisation around your product. The idea is that each business in the “ecosystem” affects and is affected by the others, creating a Continue Reading

Why using facebook makes sense for your online presence

What is Social Networking? Typically a social network is a service that allows you to keep track of your friends, family, and business relationship. Social networking, also referred to as social media, encompasses many Internet-based tools that make it easier for people to listen, interact, engage and collaborate with each other. Social networking websites function like an online community of Internet users. Depending on the website in question, many of these online community members share Continue Reading