Creativity is Down and Copying is Up

Visit: ” ” and ” “ Copying at its peak these days. 1st Orkut came up with New layout similar to Facebook which was not at all user friendly and has many hidden options. Still I am not able find options like profile bookmarks in New Layout. New Orkut Beta was big example to showcase Facebook’s success in Social World. Above is another example where rediff came up with page concept similar to Continue Reading

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship – Presentation by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi

Misconceptions about Innovation
Innovation often confused with invention
Innovation – Examples
Non-technological Innovations
Innovation – Major and Incremental Continue Reading


Presentation on ENTREPRENEURSHIP by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi, Head-Direct Marketing, HCL Technologies. What is Entrepreneurship? Who are Entrepreneurs? Traits of Entrepreneurs The Creative Process The difference between invention and innovation Elements in the Innovation Process Enterpreneurship View more presentations from Mayank Singh