Google has finally decided to get rid of IE6

Google has finally decided to get rid of IE6. This step will have two outcomes Many Indian users might stop using IE6 and pirated Windows XP some how good news for Microsoft as well. But, many Indian users might start using pirated vista or windows 7 OS. Hahahaha… I support Google for their step, as if we need to work on futuristic road map then we should leave rustees aside. Here is the mail which Continue Reading

Creativity & Innovation

Presentation on Creativity & Innovation by Venkatesh Sarvasiddhi


Innovation Journey
How does the dictionary define Innovation?
What is difference between creativity and innovation?
Where and when is innovation needed?
Example from Apple, Google, Star bucks
How can people Engineer Innovation?
Essential Innovation Ingredients,
4Ps to decorate to Innovate
How can people be “Continuously Innovative”?
The world’s 25 Most Innovative Companies Continue Reading