Rajya Sabha was a better reality show than Bigg Boss: Lokpal Bill

What is a Reality Show? A show that features talent culled from the ranks of ordinary or extra ordinary people, not professionally trained actors. A show full of drama, comedy, fighting and many times scripted. Many reality show producers encourage participants to play to the cameras as characters or use private taped conversations, called confessionals, as a form of narration. What happened is Rajya Sabha yesterday 29th December 2011 was somewhat similar, there was drama, full of comedy, some Continue Reading

Understanding content sharing objectives: Social Media

Objective and Goals with Social Media: Communicating an Idea, thought or message Mass Reach Collecting relevant information, feedback and reviews Creating a buzz around an activity Development as a trusted source of first hand information Transparency and quality news item Creating an engagement platform for audience Option to share news stories, items, videos and pictures with friends Gather user generated content around specific events Important is reaching the Audience But question is where is the audience? Continue Reading