Shaadi is not just Simply Marry or getting a Jeevan Sathi: Vivah Pandit “Your Vivah Manager”

India is a country of diversity with various religions, caste, culture and regions. India is also land of many festivals and it is not a surprise that marriages in India are also celebrates as a Festival. Marriage is most memorable event for everyone across world but Indians do it in a style. Every religion, culture, caste and regions of India has their own style, rituals, customs or tradition for this auspicious occasion. It takes years Continue Reading

Five Quick Strategies to increase sales and brand name

Strategies to increase sales Viral Marketing : A phenomenon that facilitates or encourages people to pass along or spread message with respect to product. Biggest example of this can be Social Games on Facebook like Farmville, Cityville etc. Building interactive application on social networking platforms. Making communities or groups of our product. Building an Ecosystem: A network of organisation around your product. The idea is that each business in the “ecosystem” affects and is affected by the others, creating a Continue Reading